Back to the Photography.

It has been quite the week with Ben’s death and all. But now it is back to photography and what we’re doing in class and some plans that I have for the future. Got to move on.

Our most recent assignment was to shoot up to three eggs in the studio and to not lose the highlight, shadow, texture and the overall roundness of the egg. It was up to us how we did it and as far as what we needed to shoot, it was our turn to be creative.

My first thought was to do a western theme. Have an egg sitting on a pony and others with mini pistols in their hands. I didn’t realize how hard it was to find a mini horse and everything else I needed to go with it. Then while my boyfriend and I were in Michael’s craft store, it came to me while walking down an aisle.

Egg Natives!! That is right. 😀 So we took a large decorative egg and carved it out and spray painted it with textured paint. Found a little foam kit that had little palm trees and smaller plants. Just some sand from the beach and VOILA! For some added touches, I gave the eggs white piping for arms and then made little spears out of shark teeth and toothpicks.

I’ve got to say..  that has by far been the most creative thing I’ve done in a while. Normally I just go out and whatever catches my fancy I will photograph it. It was good to be able to put the creative juices to work.

Future projects of mine… Wooded masquerade… Heavily Worded… those are just the titles of some of the work I want to do. Everything is written out and I’m ready to start working on them, however because it is so cold, it is going to have to wait til Spring.

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