New semester…

Tamrac Pro 12

So we have finally started a new semester at school.  This year I have color photography and basic lighting.  Easy enough, thank goodness.  A nice change from last semester.

Today had been pretty productive.  Did the class thing around 1:30, then I got out early and decided to do some shooting since I had more film sitting in my camera and I would need my camera for the following class.  Went to Atlantic Beach and shot some.  Then went back to school for class only for 30 minutes and then headed home.

When I got home I found this bag sitting on my bed.  It is always nice to see something sitting on my bed that was unexpected.  It is the tamrac pro 12 (as said on the caption).  The military base was going to throw it away ( apparently they throw away a lot of things that people could use) so my dad decided to snatch it up and give it to me knowing that I needed a new bag, especially with all the equipment I have.  Needless to say, I love it.  It is huge and with that I know the weight of it is going to be significant.  It can hold up to two cameras, four lenses, two mount flashes, and a million and one pockets for everything that you could possibly need to put in there.  I only wish it was in the backpack style instead of the one shoulder.  I still have to put together all the departments so that all my stuff fits into it.  It’s going to take me a while to really figure out how to arrange everything.

Other than all that, nothing has really been going on.  Work, school, family, and boyfriend.  Same as always.  Hopefully I will be able to put some new stuff from the film that I shot today.  More than likely on Monday or Tuesday.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m going on a field trip to ECU and then to Wilson to go to a couple galleries and exhibits.  It’s going to be a nice way to spend my time.  The boyfriend and I already did my birthday dinner earlier this week.  Nice dinner at Olive Garden, a great reminder of why I love him so much.  We had half a lemon on our plate from our appetizer and so my boyfriend cut it into another half and I dared him to suck all the juices from the lemon.  He did, and let it be known, he HATES lemons. lol.  So he told me it was my turn, he didn’t realize that I love lemons, so I did it without any faces of it being sour.  It was a good night of laughs.

3 minutes til my birthday to be exact, which means it is time for me to go to bed.  Long day tomorrow traveling to different cities.


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