Multiple Imaging

I was so sure that I would not be able to do this project. I don’t feel as creative as I should be. There are things going on that I just can’t explain. I was so pumped though when we were told this was going to be our assignment. I mean nothing is more creative than multiple imaging. Putting two images together in one shape or form. There is the sandwiching method… or in camera method… or using multiple enlargers.

With this image of the statue at the pier, was my very first. I went through my film strips for hours trying to find what would look best. When I saw the images together over the box light, I knew that this would be perfect. There was so much contrast between the two.

The idea of the branches from the trees enveloping the top of the pier. How the statue just glows a ghostly white. We joked in our class saying that it was like Venus Rising.

These images were actually sandwiched together. There are few times that sandwiching negatives works. However, in this case, it worked out perfectly. At least in my own opinion.

BrokenIn this next photo that I developed, I did the exact same thing. I sandwiched the photographs together. One is of my boyfriend when we were at the beach and the other one was of broken concrete that was in the backyard.

The two prints went great together. One of a solid whole statue, and one of a broken man. Almost as if he was a statue that was cracked. These are my favorite of all the prints I have done.

My teacher was very impressed with me and the other students because we’ve grown so much in our work. It made me feel real good because I have been doubting my ability to do photography and my creativity.

So all in all, it was a good assignment.


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