It wasn’t that late but we decided that we would go ahead and go home. We turn on the road that leads to my house and the car in front of us swerves and turns on their hazard lights… We look into the road, is that a large animal? No, it’s a man. A woman is in the middle of the road screaming for help. We pull over behind the driver in front of us. The man rushes to the victim. A woman, with obvious skills in the medical profession, runs to help him. Everyone is on their cell phones calling 911. The man screams for someone to call 911… we all have… in hopes that they will get there soon. The ambulance is on their way. There is nothing we can do. The woman was driving behind the man on a motorcycle. She doesn’t know what had happened, she says that he just stopped out of nowhere and she hit him. We look at her vehicle. Her front right tire is sitting on top of the motorcycle. Her windshield is broken and all over the pavement. She’s on her phone screaming at the operator… desperate cries, “Oh my god… oh my god… I killed him… He’s dead… I killed him… he just stopped out of nowhere… He’s dead… Oh lord… He’s dead.” Her cries still ring in my head. We don’t know what to do. We’re paralyzed in Ronald’s car. He let’s her use his phone, she calls her husband. Yelling through her tears that he needs to come, “I just killed a man. No this is not a joke. Please just come here! He’s dead! I killed him!” A somewhat relief comes over me when I see more volunteers coming to the scene, then the ambulance. With every breath, he is spitting up blood. Now all we can do is wait and hope that they can get him to a hospital and to save his life. The woman that helped the man in the beginning, comes over to the driver while the medics take over. The driver, in shock, is sobbing hard. The volunteer does her best to calm her down. “Ma’am, are you okay? He is not dead. Ma’am I need to know if you are okay. I need you to calm down. He is going to be fine. He is coming to.” I look at Ronald, as all of this is happening right outside of his window. My heart aches.

I don’t know what I would have done if I had been that woman. Does anyone really know what they would do?

There are moments in your life that you will never forget. This is one of them for me. I pray that he gets the help he needs and that he survives this. He is in the hands of God now.

We all are so impatient when we get on the road. From now on… take your time and be cautious.


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