Another day…

another sickness.  Friday while I was at work, I came down with some serious nasal congestion.  Thinking it was just my allergies, I didn’t do much about. I did feel like hell though. By Sunday, I was feeling much better, the sneezing and runny nose stopped, but then out of nowhere it felt like I had swallowed a thing of sandpaper. My throat hurt so bad. And now today, my throat is feeling alright, my voice is going and now I have developed a cough. I really would like for it to just go away.

The holidays are coming up… and FAST! 003With that comes crazy and rude customers that like to think they are always right. I understand that in the world of retail, we are supposed to put the customers first but damn… people think they deserve everything for nothing. That drives me crazy. I understand our job is there to make you happy and to help you but do you honestly think we’re going to put a smile on our faces when you constantly want to put us down. You are no better than us. Yes, we know our store is a disaster. We’re in the process of hiring more associates and we don’t have anyone to work, that doesn’t mean that you can just over turn every single shirt on a table and throw the clothes you don’t want on the floor. What makes you think that that is cool in any way. We don’t go to your work and trash your shit. Which we probably should. Anyone who works in retail understands. Which brings me to the picture that I am posting… every day I wake up really not wanting to go to work and having to deal with all of that. I would much rather stay home, curled up in my comfy bed, and maybe even read a book. But no, I have go drive 30 sometimes 40 minutes to work and deal with ungrateful customers. I often look in my mirrors of my car and try to talk myself into pulling a U-turn and just go home and call out. If only I had the guts to do so.001

Registration for classes started… I want to say they start today. I thought I was going to have a full schedule next semester but it turns out that I will only have to take color photography and basic lighting. Should be fun. Not to mention, we get certified after those classes. I was talking to another student, Doug, and he is almost to the point of graduation. He said he can’t believe how fast time has gone by. And it’s true, even this semester has gone by really fast. It was like in a blink of an eye, our midterms pasted by and now we only have like five weeks left. Where has the time gone?!


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