Wait… studying… huh?


Dodging one...

We always try to get together to do our homework.  We go to a coffee shop, have a cup of joe and then hit the books.  But for whatever reason, we always have ways to sidetrack ourselves.  At least I do.  I started working on my paper, had a delicious cup of Pumpkin Chai Latte, and then I started to get sleepy.  However, caffeine makes me so tired.  So I thought, I’ll take a break and watch some shows on my laptop while Elizabeth works on her stuff.  That just made it worst.  I got more and more sleepy.  So to wake me up a bit I thought I’d give myself a challenge.  When it comes to Elizabeth and I, we always hate having our pictures taken.  The ultimate challenge to me though.  One after the other, she was like a ninja on crack dodging my efforts of photographing her. lol.


... and another....


... and again...


... and again...


... and another...


it's better than a smile 😀

I wore her down though.  Because eventually I finally got some pictures.  We couldn’t help but to laugh.  We’ve been so caught up in working and going to school and studying.  It’s getting harder and harder to have some fun.  She’ll be gone next year, so we have to get in our silliness before she leaves.

Next time I’ll try to put myself in the photo too.


One for the Road

One thought on “Wait… studying… huh?

  1. Hehe, so I have to do this project where I needed to find a digital image to represent this book I’m reading or class. I automatically thought of your photos so came to look for something that would fit. I found this entry and died laughing! Totally made my homework worth it!

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