infrared assignment


Infrared Assignment

I have always been interested in infrared photography. There are tons of people who are so talented in this area. Being a photography student, we work a lot with film so I knew that this was going to be a challenge. Also, we were working with film that our instructor has never used so basically it was an experiment for us. We read the instructions and tried to do what it said to do. My first roll of infrared film was a bust. There were no good prints. We used a red filter and realized that with this film we need to use an IR filter. I finally got around to shooting my second roll of film and only one picture was worthy of being considered infrared. It looks so flat to me.  But after that second roll of film, I was done. That film is very expensive to those of us who don’t have lots of money and I wasn’t going to try to attempt it again.

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