I almost died.

004Okay not really, but it felt that way. I was getting ready to go to bed and had to tinkle, I walk into the bathroom not really thinking about anything but relieving my bladder. I turn on the light and BAM! There’s a spider staring me down.

Normally I’m not scared of spiders or insects until they are in the house and could get me when I’m asleep. lol. What did I do you might ask?

Well… after I squealed, because it’s too late to scream and wake everyone up. I grabbed my pink cleaning gloves and hurriedly put them on in panic [for whatever reason] , wadded up a huge thing of toilet paper and tried my hardest to try to kill it. Spiders can be stupid fast and it refused to die by toilet paper. So I quickly grabbed my Tilex Bathroom Cleaner and drowned the little booger in chemical goodness. Which took a very long time because the darn thing did not want to die. hero_showerWhen all was said and done, I finally tinkled and could not get it out of my mind about how big that spider was.

Now I’ve got the chills and I’ve got the creepy crawly feeling going on. I hate it when stuff like that happens. Especially since I was so ready to fall asleep to! Now I’m going to be thinking about how that spider’s family is going to revenge it’s death and come after me while I’m a sleep.

It may not look all that big in the picture, but you could seriously drop a quarter on it and it’s legs would be longer than the coin. Creeeeeeepy! So when in doubt on how to kill something, use cleaning supplies til they die! lol.


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